4 fabulous women in wellness to follow in the UK

If you’re starting a new decade determined to life a healthier, more grounded life, you might be on the lookout for some inspiring people to follow on social media. These four women are some of our favourites in the wellness space - women we know we can look to whenever we’re in need of some inspiration. Here they are, in no particular order...

1. Niomi Smart - wellness, fashion and beauty influencer

IMG: Niomismart.com

Wellbeing, fashion and beauty content creator Niomi Smart is the author of the bestselling book Eat Smart, subtitled ‘What to eat in a day - every day’. This fantastic book was born out of Niomi’s hugely popular YouTube account, which has inspired millions of people the world over to think about what they eat. We love the fact that she’s a fan of all things plant-based, and we reckon her mouthwatering recipes - which are all quick and easy to fit into our busy lives - sit perfectly with the idea of clean eating and ‘beauty from within’ that we discussed in our post on 2020 trends. Little wonder she’s amassed 1.5m followers on Instagram - to whom she recently announced her engagement. Congrats Niomi!

2. Shona Vertue - yoga teacher and author

IMG: shonavertue.com

Many of us vow to do better with our fitness and try making big changes in order to live a healthier lifestyle at the start of a new year, but let’s be honest - not many of us manage to stick to our goals. We get all our motivation in the gym department from Shona Vertue, an author, speaker, yoga teacher and personal trainer whose Vertue Method Mobility Programme promises to help you “Achieve the goals you want in the gym, move more easily and ‘future proof’ your body.” Just what you’ve been looking for? We and her 426k other Instagram followers certainly think so. Check out her healthy lifestyle and workout videos for all the inspo you need to get your ass in gear for 2020. 

3. Annie Clarke - yoga instructor and wellbeing blogger

IMG: annieclarke.com

Another of the trends we discussed in our piece on the wellness trends that we think will be big in 2020 was the idea of mind-body unity, and our next fabulous woman, Annie Clarke, is living and breathing that. She’s a yoga instructor and founder of Mind Body Bowl, a yoga, food and wellbeing blog designed to share teachings, recipes and inspiration to help readers connect with their own sense of balance. She writes: “Mind Body Bowl is all about you as an individual, stepping away from prescriptive ideas, and opening the door to a more wholistic approach to finding your own sense of health and wellbeing.” Sounds good to us!

4. Zanna Van Dijk - ethical swimwear brand founder

IMG: zannavandijk.com

Last but by no means least, Zanna Van Dijk is the founder of ethical swimwear brand Stay Wild Swim, as well as being a fab advocate for fitness, food, travel and conscious/sustainable living. We love her down-to-earth style and open and honest posts, and one of the digital detox tips she shared in a recent post - airplane mode for the first hour of the day - is genius. She writes on her website: “Whether I am sharing a workout, a recipe or a sustainable swap, I hope I can inspire every single person to make a positive and informed change to their lifestyle.” You’ve certainly inspired us, Zanna! 

Which legendary women in wellness do you love following? We’d love to hear your suggestions!

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