CBD Oil: how to find the best one for you

You probably don’t need us to tell you this, but CBD is big news. Touted as a miracle ingredient by celebrities and already an indispensable ingredient in the wellness routines of women up and down the country, there’s no doubt that it’s here to stay thanks to its purported powers to alleviate everything from stress to chronic pain. But with a bewildering number of products to choose from, how do you go about finding the CBD oil that’s the best match for you? Here’s what you should be thinking about.

What is CBD oil?

First things first, CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it’s a compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s a different kettle of fish from the plant’s other well-known compound, THC, because it doesn’t get you high and it’s not addictive (read more about CBD and THC differences). CBD works by interacting with the receptors in your body’s endocannabinoid system, which functions around the presence of endocannabinoids found naturally in your body. These receptors help control bodily systems ranging from digestion to memory, so they’re pretty important, and it’s thanks to these that CBD can work its magic so effectively.

Finding quality CBD oil

Now that we’ve got the definitions out of the way, the first thing to be aware of is the quality of the CBD oil you’re buying. Because it’s an unregulated industry, you’ll need to be very careful to assess the packaging and the brand as a whole to make sure you’re buying from a company you can trust. 

At The Chillery, we do the vetting for you so that you can be completely confident that you’re buying the finest CBD products available. That means CBD that comes from organically grown hemp that’s been farmed in soil free from heavy metal and other pollutants. It means products that have been tested by a third-party lab, and products that are transparent about the proportion of active cannabinoids and terpenes found in them.

Full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate CBD?

As you start looking around at different products, you’ll pick up on some of the terminology used to describe CBD. You’ll see references to “full spectrum” CBD, which means that it contains no more than 0.2% THC and contains all the other good compounds of the hemp plant, which work together to create an ‘entourage effect’ that boosts the effects of the individual elements of the plant. Kiki Health’s 10% CBD Oil is a great example of a product rich in terpenes that work together to make the hemp and full spectrum CBD oil as effective as it can be. 

“Broad spectrum” CBD, on the other hand, has had all the THC removed, while “isolate” is the purest form of CBD without any of the other compounds. If you want to be completely sure you’re not getting any THC, you may prefer to go for broad spectrum or isolate CBD, but you won’t have the benefit of the entourage effect unless terpenes have been added to the finished product.

What does the CBD oil taste like?

Another aspect you might want to think about is what the CBD oil you’re buying will taste like. If you’re concerned about its natural earthy taste, you might want to choose a product that combines uses distillation for a better taste, or that combine CBD with other carrier oils for a better flavour, such as Wunderworkshop’s Turmeric CBD Oil, which mixes isolate CBD with organic olive oil and turmeric for a great taste that also works well in smoothies or turmeric lattes. 

What are you using CBD for?

Finally, the CBD oil that will work best for you also depends on what you’re using it for. Some are geared towards pain relief, for example, while others - such as the fantastic Yuyo Botanics PM Formula - contain extra ingredients designed to give you a more restful night’s sleep. At The Chillery, we categorise our CBD oil products into a number of collections so that you can immediately see which ones are most relevant to your needs, including:

  • Beauty - designed to turbocharge your skincare routine, these CBD oil serums, balms and creams help you achieve glowing skin.
  • Sleep - this collection of products are the perfect addition to your bedtime routine, helping ease you into a great night’s sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed by morning.
  • Stress - our Stress collection is there to help you navigate the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle, with CBD oils that help you relax and unwind.
  • Pain - whether you’re plagued by chronic pain or suffering from the occasional headaches or period pains, this collection provides relief and lets you get on with your day.
  • Intimacy - hoping to ramp things up in the bedroom? Take your sex life to the next level with this intimate collection.

If you’re new to CBD and you’re still not quite sure where to start, you’ll find lots more information on our blog, where you can learn the basics of CBD and discover some of the inspiring brands we work with. Ready to get started? Then head over to our shop and use the tips you’ve picked up in this article to find a CBD oil to transform your day-to-day life.


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