In the mood: CBD for Intimacy

From easing stress to improving your skin tone, the health and wellbeing benefits of CBD seem to know no bounds. But did you know that you can even use it to take your sex life up a gear? CBD can help enhance intimacy on a number of levels and here's how... 

Accelerates Blood Flow

Cannabis is a ‘vasodilator’, which means it promotes blood flow and increases sensation when it’s applied directly to an area of the body, such as erectile tissue. Not only that, but because CBD is an anti-inflammatory, it relaxes muscle tissue and therefore enables greater arousal. CBD achieves its miraculous effects by interacting with your body’s natural endocannabinoid system, and when it’s applied topically - with a lube, for example – it activates the local receptors in that system much faster.

Eases Discomfort

There can be many potential discomforts associated with sex - not just anxiety over how we look, but physiological problems such as lack of sensitivity and even physical pain from conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis. A recent study showed that around 1 in 13 women report experiencing pain during sex, and it’s no wonder 80% of us admit to faking orgasm.

Because CBD is an anti-inflammatory, it relaxes muscle tissue and therefore enables greater arousal. That means it can promote pelvic relaxation and decrease inflammation and pain, giving you a better sexual experience all round. 

Reduces Stress

As well as helping to boost physical sensation, CBD is renowned for its stress-busting properties, allowing you to relax, connect with your partner and enjoy a sexual experience without feeling anxious. We think that’s something people of all ages aspire to, especially the 10 to 40% of women who find it difficult or impossible to reach orgasm. In short, CBD can help you switch off from your everyday worries so you can just…feel…without your thoughts crowding in. 

CBD lubes are mainly designed for women to use, though men will definitely enjoy the experience of bringing CBD into the bedroom due to the heightened intimacy we talked about. But let’s face it, it’s women who need it most. One study showed that just 64% of women had an orgasm during their most recent sexual encounter compared with 91% of men - and that’s a gap that most definitely needs to be closed!

If you are interested in incorporating CBD into your sex life, approach it in the same way you’d approach all things CBD: think about what problem you want to address and take it from there. If sex makes you anxious, you’ll want to use CBD in a different way to if you’re trying to reduce pain during sex. Just relax and enjoy it – CBD really can help set the whole scene.

Our top picks for using CBD in the bedroom

1. Kiskanu Intimacy Oil

This CBD lube is an excellent way to explore different sensual avenues with yourself or your partner. We love using this versatile CBD oil to promote heightened sensitivity and arousal and to relieve vaginal dryness and discomfort. It even doubles up as a whole body massage oil. 

2. LDN CBD Full Spectrum Massage Oil

This is no ordinary massage oil: it’s made with ethically sourced CBD and rice bran to nourish your skin while you unwind and get intimate in the bedroom. Choose from two gorgeous scents each imbued with soothing essential oils: Jasmine and Bergamot for deep calm and relaxation, or Rosemary, Neroli and Cedarwood for added anti-inflammatory benefits.

3. Herb Essntls Cannabis Infused Candle

This CBD infused candle has a deep and complex scent based in cannabis buds, patchouli and dry amber, mixed with fresh top notes of citrus and bergamot to add lightness. We love the gorgeous aroma that slowly fills the room with a subtle ambiance, helping you to relax.


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