Small Farmers, Sustainability and CBD with Yuyo Botanics

For the last 4 years, Christie Tarleton and her husband have been a part of the Tennessee Hemp Pilot Program, pioneering the use & possibilities surrounding this amazing plant. In 2018, alongside her longtime friend Amanda Matsui they founded Yuyo Botanics. Built with the goal of crafting a product with organic, Tennessee-grown hemp and connecting customers to quality hemp education. 

They are farmers & processors themselves, overseeing the entire process, from seed to formulation to final product. And it shows. We were able to ask these inspiring ladies a few questions about farming, business & what inspired their incredible products. 

1. Yuyo Botanics oversees the entire process from seed to formulation to product. What’s the most surprising thing you’ve discovered about hemp cultivation?

We think it has the ability to help heal our planet just by its presence in our soil. Hemp falls into the family of phyto-remediators.  Phyto-remediation is a bio-remediation process that uses various types of plants to remove, transfer, stabilize, and/or destroy contaminants in the soil and groundwater. Simply put, it can undo some of the fast farming practices that our country relies on. With the introduction of the hemp plant we have seen improvement in pesticide pollution, it will counteract soil erosion and expands the microbial element of dirt. Hemp has been proven to reduce the level of poisonous material in soil. This is why is it very important to follow clean practices when growing hemp. as you can see, it's pretty sensitive.

2. How has this ‘seed to shelf’ process influenced the type of products you release?

Because of our mission to cultivate hemp with organic practices and our mission to educate our consumers on the differences. We wanted to create a product that reflected that seed to shelf process. Something simple and clean, just like hemp. We wanted to showcase what herbal remedies and CBD could do when brought together with intention.

3. Your first ‘product’ was a personalized tincture for a friend’s daughter, can you tell us about that process?

Yes, we created a one-off high-milligram tincture for our friends. Just something to take the edge off not only for their daughter but for mom and dad who spent a lot of their energy and wellbeing taking care of her. They saw relief almost immediately and it inspired us to create a line that you know as Yuyo today. 

4. Yuyo AM & PM Formula are tinctures that contain a powerful blend of additional natural ingredients beyond hemp. How did you choose to add these ingredients?

We decided to create a line with added botanicals in it not only for the medicinal qualities but to also address the stigma around hemp at the time. We wanted to tell a different story, one that showed everyone that hemp should be treated the same as its herbal counterparts. For example, our AM blend uses ashwagandha alongside CBD to curates a more effective calming experience.

5. What’s next for Yuyo Botanics?

The sky is the limit! We are really hoping to continue to build this brand to be an advocate for sustainable practices, small farmers, and transparency

At The Chillery you can find 3 of Yuyo Botanics premium CBD products, for day or night they've got you covered. 

Yuyo Botanics AM Formula

One of the reasons we adore this tincture is their use of the limonene & menthone—the main terpenes found in lemons and mint, respectively. Both containing potent healing qualities, when combined with CBD they bring clarity & confidence to any day.

Yuyo Botanics PM Formula

This evening blend perfectly balances CBD, hops, sweet orange and roman chamomile to aid in a restful nights sleep. With a large variety of Cannabinoids and terpenes, this oil will leave you with the sweetest dreams to wake up refreshed.

Yuyo Botanics Hemp + Turmeric Salve

With its luxurious texture, this salve blends turmeric, cayenne, menthol, & other essential oils can help ease sore muscles and achy joints after a long day at the office.


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