2 CBD Mocktails for an Endless Summer

As summer winds down, we have been searching for ways to keep the memories of warmer days alive. We sat down with award-winning Chef Holden Jagger, who brings us 2 CBD mocktail recipes for a refreshingly chill endless summer.



Step 1: Fill a tall glass with crushed ice, set aside. In muddler tin, combine the strawberries, simple syrup and the chopped ginger. 

Step 2: Muddle well then add Disciple CBD Miracle Drops, lime juice and grapefruit juice, cover with crushed ice and shake well. 

Step 3: Pour through a strainer, into the prepared glass. Top with ginger beer.



Step 1: Start with making your toasted coconut syrup. Toast 200g dried coconut in a pan over medium until evenly golden brown. Pour 200ml water over the toasted coconut then add 200g sugar string to combine.  

Step 2: Bring mixture to a boil, remove from heat. Reserve in the refrigerator until needed, strain before using.

Step 3: Rim two tall glasses with a lime wedge and then dip in flake salt, set aside. 

Step 4: In a muddling tin, combine blackberries and mint with the toasted coconut syrup. Muddle firmly for 30 seconds.  

Step 5: Add lime juice, coconut milk and Disciple CBD Miracle Drops. Fill tin with crushed ice and shake viciously for 30 seconds. Double strain the mixture between the two prepared glasses pour lime seltzer to the top of the glass.

Before the summer is out these mocktails are a must-try. Perfect for drinks in the garden or dinner for two, they are sure to impress no matter the venue. 

Let us know how you liked them & comment your favourite CBD recipe below!  

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