Let the stress fall away...

“I got these drops initially because I wanted something to help with stress. Just a few drops in the morning does wonders for my anxiety levels throughout the day. What I didn't count on was its incredible ability to help me sleep better at night or that when applied to my face it would moisturize the skin and get rid of pesky blemishes. What can't this stuff do!?” - Bella

When the going gets tough and stress levels rise, everyday life can seem hard to cope with. That’s when self-care becomes even more important, and the latest ingredient to help you with that is a natural stress remedy everyone’s getting excited about: CBD. Its calming properties help promote wellbeing and a positive lifestyle, so it’s little wonder so many of us already swear by it when we need to unwind. When you feel the stress getting too much, turn to some of our favourite products for relief...

Disciple Miracle Drops

“This has been so helpful for my stress and anxiety. I put this is in my morning matcha lattes and I've felt much more balanced throughout the day and am a lot less reactive. If I'm feeling very anxious I'll go up to 20 drops per day but typically 10.” - Lee

Disciple Miracle Drops are made from pure, all-natural hemp oil, and they really are a miracle. Take a few drops in the morning for all day stress relief or just before bed for a consistently better sleep. Its anti-inflammatory benefits can even help clear up and rejuvenate your skin.

“When I take it I definitely feel better able to cope with the stressful moments the day brings - it seems to make me feel lighter in myself and less anxious and tense. Long may that last! I will keep using!” - Hannah

CBD Turmeric Oil

“I love the purity of this product and the fact it has anti-inflammatory turmeric. It tastes amazing, so much better than other CBD oils I've tried, thanks to the turmeric! It is so so good! I take it every morning, 10 drops under my tongue and it helps me feel more connected and calm!” - Daria

This CBD Turmeric Oil is a beautifully handcrafted tincture combining naturally powerful ingredients for a range of health and wellbeing benefits. Quality CBD is combined with turmeric and a base of organic olive oil to make this tincture. Alongside CBD’s many advantages, such as stress relief, turmeric is known for its impressive anti-inflammatory properties, whilst black pepper extract boosts the bioavailability of the active ingredients, contributing to their effectiveness.

Kloris CBD Bath Bomb

“New favourite bath bomb! This product is the best addition to my self-care Sundays! I just pop it the bath and ease into total relaxation. A self-care must!” - Becca

Our Kloris Bath Bomb is a 100mg CBD premium bath bomb made exclusively for The Chillery, and we adore how rejuvenating they are. Drop one into a warm bath and you’ll almost instantly start feeling the benefits. The CBD gently seeps through the skin transdermally, eventually reaching the bloodstream allowing your body to fully enjoy the calming effect. Nourishing, softening and gently exfoliating, whilst boosting immunity and infusing the skin with vitamins and antioxidants. They’re an easy and satisfying way to introduce CBD skincare into your normal routine.

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