CBD Dosing Basics

CBD dosing: how much do you need?

It’s little wonder that those of us who’ve discovered CBD wouldn’t be without it: from pain relief to insomnia, there’s so much it’s thought to work its magic on. But just how much of the good stuff do you need in order to feel these wondrous effects?

Everyone’s different

The first thing to emphasise is that when it comes to CBD dosage, there’s no hard-and-fast rule for how much you need. Everyone is different, and the dosage you need will be influenced by factors such as your age, weight, metabolism, diet and numerous other variables.

Not only that, but the amount you need depends on what you’re using it for, and the severity of the symptoms you’re hoping it will alleviate.

The way you take CBD makes a difference

It’s also important to remember that the way in which you take CBD (the delivery format) makes a difference to the quantity you need. As we’ve discussed in this article about delivery formats, there are numerous ways of adding CBD to your lifestyle, from a tincture (sublingual CBD oil) to guide you to a restful sleep or a deliciously hydrating topical cream to revitalize dry and sensitive skin. 

Each method will have a different concentration of CBD, and some act faster than others. For example, tinctures are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream while edibles must be metabolised first, resulting in a longer time to onset.

Getting to know you

CBD dosing personal

Because there’s so much that can affect CBD oil dosage, the best approach is to experiment until you find your personal sweet spot. Here are our recommendations just to give you a starting point depending on the desired effect:

CBD oil for stress

  • Start by placing 10 - 15 mg under your tongue twice per day
  • Swallow after 90 seconds
  • Can be used up to 3 times per day depending on severity
  • If you don’t feel anything after a few days, increase your dosage by 5 mg 
  • Try this for a few weeks or months, and speak to a professional before exceeding 100mg per day.

    CBD oil for sleep

    • Start by placing 20 - 30 mg under your tongue once before bedtime
    • Swallow after 90 seconds
    • If you don’t feel anything after a few days, increase your dosage by 5mg 
    • Try this for a few weeks or months, and speak to a professional before exceeding 100mg per day.

      Studies suggest that although you can’t overdose on CBD, exceeding this sweet spot - or ‘Goldilocks zone’, as it’s known - could actually make it lose its effectiveness, so it’s worth taking the time to get your dosage right. Interestingly, because CBD works by interacting with your endocannabinoid receptors, this sweet spot often coincides with a medium-sized dose; it’s been shown that it doesn’t necessarily follow that double the dose means double the strength and effectiveness.

      Finally, here are some tips to help you work out what CBD dosage is right for you:

      • Experiment - start with the minimum dosage and work your way up until you find your sweet spot
      • Be consistent - it may be harder to judge how effective the product is if you’re not sticking to a routine with taking it
      • Keep a diary - record your dosage and symptom relief, as this can help you keep track of what’s working best for you

      Once you’ve nailed it, you won’t look back.



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