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Available in Europe exclusively at The Chillery, this calming CBD Vape Pen has been called the 'Hermès' of CBD for its chic rose gold colour and beautiful design. Blending pure hemp-derived CBD with tasty citrus terpenes, it's a sleek and subtle, easy to use pen that offers a fast-acting way to chill you out when you’re dealing with stress.

Type: Vape
Dose: We recommend inhaling no more than three puffs at a time (it contains approximately 4.2mg of CBD per puff).
Contents: This vape pen contains 500mg of CBD


How to use

Warm the CBD oil by drawing in lightly three times. Draw and exhale to your desired dose. Repeat as necessary.


More about the Product

This luxury CBD vape pen is perfect for using day or night, gently easing you into a state of peace. We adore how much thought has gone into the design of the pen. It’s beautifully polished and a statement piece in its own right. Bring it to an evening dinner party and it will fit right in! 

Beboe is diligently focused on quality, safety and compliance of their products; they do not use Vitamin E acetate in any of their vape products. As with all our CBD products, there are absolutely no psychotropic effects when using this pen. Best used within 90 days, the Beboe vape pen contains approximately 120 doses.



Cannabidiol, various essential oils, plant derived citrus and grapefruit terpenes

Like all our products, this quality CBD pen contains less than 0.2% THC.


About the Brand

Founded by Scott Campbell, a renowned tattoo artist who’s designs emblazon the skin of many a celebrity and luminary. As an experienced cannabis grower, a foray into CBD beauty products came as little surprise. Beboe was born in 2018, named after his grandma Be Boe, who took care of his mother while she battled cancer during his childhood. One of the ways she nurtured her daughter was baking special brownies containing marijuana to help deal with feelings of nausea and bring her appetite back. The brownies were off limits to Scott and the other kids, who naturally formed a curiosity about them. Fast forward a couple of years, and Beboe the brand was born, specialising in CBD products to help people look and feel their best. All the products that The Chillery stocks from Beboe contain less than 0.2% THC and will never make you high. Unlike grandma Be Boe’s brownies.



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