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This daytime CBD formula is perfect for managing stressful days and helping to maintain your overall endo-cannabinoid system. Yuyo Botanic’s have blended organically grown CBD extract with ashwagandha root, peppermint and lemon to bring clarity and confidence to your day. We like to use this tincture for everyday mind and body wellness, focus, and a strong start to the day.

Type: Tincture 
Dose: Take up to 20 drops, twice per day (0.5mg of CBD per drop).
Contents: This 30ml bottle contains 300mg of broad spectrum CBD oil (1%)
Taste Profile: A fresh and clean taste of peppermint and lemon 

How to use

Simply put about 20 drops under your tongue or in your coffee or tea first thing in the morning.


More about the Product

This formulation contains the terpenes limonene and menthone. Limonene, found in lemons, has been found to elevate your mood, help with stress relief and have antibacterial properties. It’s a great addition to CBD formulas because it improves the absorption of other terpenes, allowing faster results and deeper penetration into your skin, mucous membranes or digestive tract. Menthone, found in peppermint, is an aromatic compound produced by many plants and best identified for the minty overtones it provides to various essential oils. It has been found to help reduce inflammation and help maintain a healthy digestive system.



Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Extract with Essential Oils from Ashwagandha Root, Lemon and Peppermint Leaf.

Like all our products, this quality CBD oil contains less than 0.2% THC.


About the Brand

Yuyo Botanics is a company created by women, with the goal of getting organic, Tennessee-grown hemp into your hands and connecting you with education. All their products use their own home-grown hemp, focusing on the quality of the soil to ensure the plants are happy and healthy. Yuyo Botanics operate in a fully transparent way, allowing us to follow the journey the products from growth to formation to production.



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