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Turmeric CBD Salve


What we love

This Turmeric CBD Salve is great for use on tired or achy parts of your body, whether you have muscle pain post-workout or sore joints. Rub it into your neck and shoulders if you’re feeling particularly stiff after a day at the office. Containing 100mg of CBD extract, turmeric, cayenne, menthol, aloe and other essential oils, the ingredients work in harmony to provide a natural anti-inflammatory effect. 

We adore the striking orange colour of the salve that comes from the turmeric. The heady menthol aroma is just as poignant. Soothing and relaxing, it smells and looks absolutely gorgeous.


Type: Topical
Dose: Apply when needed
Contents: This 60ml tub contains 100mg of CBD Extract (0.17%)


How to use

Apply the Turmeric CBD Salve directly on the skin, focusing on target areas or achy muscles. We typically don’t recommend this CBD Salve for facial use.


More about the Product

We like to use this salve on tired areas of our body needing some TLC. As soon as you apply the organic CBD Balm, you start to feel a slight tingling sensation on your skin as it works its magic. Naturally anti-inflammatory, the salve works its best when used on muscle pain or aching joints.  

No Soy, No Fillers. 100% grown and created in Tennessee, USA.



Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Extract with Essential Oils from Ashwagandha Root, Lemon and Peppermint Leaf.


About the Brand

Yuyo Botanics is a company created by women, with the goal of getting organic, Tennessee-grown hemp into your hands and connecting you with education. All their CBD Products use their own home-grown hemp, focusing on the quality of the soil to ensure the plants are happy and healthy. Yuyo Botanics operate in a fully transparent way, allowing us to follow the journey of the products from growth to formation to production.



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