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Stone Facial Roller


What we love

Hora Skincare’s Stone Facial Rollers are balancing, revitalizing and ideal for using with beauty serums or by themselves to detoxify and oxygenate for a natural glow. You can see results almost immediately; you’ll start to see your face blushing, which is a sign that your blood circulation is increasing.

Each stone is unique and naturally derived. Choose which Stone Facial Roller works best for you:

Rose Quartz purifies the skin and opens the heart to promote love, self-love, inner healing and feelings of peace.

Jade eliminates toxins from the body and is a symbol of serenity, purity and healing. 

Clear Quartz heals and balances, revitalizing spiritual planes and wards off negative energy.

Type: Stone Facial Roller


How to use

There are two different ways to use these facial rollers. The first is a gentle downward movement which detoxifies and stimulates lymphatic drainage. The second is a more vigorous upward movement, to stimulate circulation and oxygenate the skin.


More about the Product

Regular massaging with a stone roller has a multitude of benefits for your skin. It can eliminate toxins and stimulate collagen, improve blood circulation and skin tone, improve skin firmness and reduce the appearance of small wrinkles. When used around the eyes, it can also reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. 


About the Brand

Hora Skincare is a premium CBD skincare brand founded in LA. It’s goal is to create beautiful and luxurious skincare products, combining natural ingredients and organic CBD. Hora Skincare products are a joy to use; designed to fit easily into your daily life whilst looking effortlessly stylish.



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