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CBD Self Care Kit


What we love

Not only will this kit help you save over €32/£30 on the regular price of the products, it's the perfect self-care indulgence. Packed with our go-to CBD faves for stress, beauty and intimacy, the CBD Self Care Kit makes for a great night in solo or with a partner. Step away from stressful days with Beboe's Calming Vape Pen, clear the energy of your space with Palo Santo, hydrate and calm your skin with Kana's Lavender Sleeping Mask and elevate arousal with Kiskanu's CBD Intimacy Oil. 

The CBD Self Care Kit contains:

A vape pen from Beboe Therapies
A jar of the Lavender Sleeping Mask from Kana
A bottle of the intimacy and massage oil from Kiskanu
The Chillery’s exclusive Makeup Bag
And 3 Palo Santo Sticks


Type: 1 Vape Pen and 2 Topicals

Vape Pen: Take 2-3 drags, as required, several times a day

Overnight Mask: Use to wind down and up to 3 nights a week

Intimacy Oil: Use as and when needed solo or with your partner. Doubles as a massage oil.

Palo Santo: Use during your daily ritual to cleanse the energy


Vape Pen: 500mg of CBD, 4.2mg per puff

Mask: The 50ml Tub contains 80mg of Full Spectrum CBD oil

Intimacy Oil: This 30ml bottle contains 100mg of broad spectrum CBD oil


How to use

We curated these natural and powerful CBD products to help you wind down and care for yourself. Place your phone on silent and light the palo santo for the ritual of cleansing space and centering energy. Inhale the subtle citrus taste of the vape pen - a breath to usher in relaxation and calm.   Feel instant hydration after applying the face mask and let the lavender aroma begin your nightly ritual.  While you let the mask do its work, use the intimacy oil for a soothing massage or heightened arousal where it really matters. 


More about the Products

Vape Pen: Warm the CBD oil by drawing in lightly three times. Draw and exhale to your desired dose. Repeat as necessary.

Lavender Mask: Apply an even layer of the CBD overnight mask onto clean skin; pat it in gently and let it absorb. Leave it on overnight and wash off with warm water the next morning. 

Intimacy Oil: Apply a generous amount of this luxurious cream to your skin to any area that needs a little extra love. Massage it into the skin and let dry before contact with clothing. 

Palo Santo: Carefully use a match or a lighter to light one end of a Palo Santo Stick. Blow out once it catches on fire. The ends of the stick will smolder and release a thick smoke. Direct this smoke around your environment and your body focusing on the areas you wish. 



Vape Pen: Cannabidiol, various essential oils, plant derived citrus and grapefruit terpenes

Mask: Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, a-Bisabolol (viscous oil isolated from German Chamomile), Hyaluronic Acid, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Extract, Phytocannabinoid, Beta-Glucan

Intimacy Oil: Organic virgin cold-pressed oils (sunflower, coconut, jojoba), CBD derived from hemp, calendula.

Like all our products, these all contain less than 0.2% THC.


About the Brands

We’ve carefully curated this CBD self care kit after trying countless products. We source from the best, and only share products with you that we ourselves would use. 

Beboe was founded by renowned tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, who’s tattoos emblazon the skin of many a celebrity. His unique designs are used on the packaging of the Beboe products. Once a cannabis farmer, and an advocate of the benefits it can bring, his foray into CBD came as little surprise.

Kana was founded by Korean-American Janice Buu, who spent many of her formative years making natural face masks with her mother, using different organic ingredients found around the kitchen. A formulator from the start, she now combines her knowledge of natural ingredients and the secret beauty recipes from Korea with her new found discovery of the wonders of CBD and the benefits it has for your skin.

Kiskanu was founded by Gretchen and Jason Miller. Located in Northern California, this family owned and operated business benefits from over 20 years of experience in the cannabis industry. Their knowledge is reflected in the quality and consistency of hand crafted, small-batch beauty and wellness products. They only use premium organic whole plant extracts in a base of cold-pressed, virgin, organic oils. They are fully committed to supporting organic farming methods, sustainable practices, organic ingredients, and offering safe, lab-tested products. 



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